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Wearable art at it's finest. 


Artistry to be displayed on walls, shelves, and ceilings. 


Art-infused everyday items. 

Tom Cattany THE ARTIST 

I am a fan of all forms of art. I love creating art, and I love seeing what other artists are creating. From an early age, I've had an aptitude for creating imaginative artwork with a quirky sense of whimsical, weirdness, and absurdity. I have found that imagination and creativity are the driving forces in my artistic endeavors. 


From my architectural background, I look to interject light and perspective into my artwork to add depth, dimension, and intensity to my creations. While from an artistic standpoint, my artwork exhibits elements of abstract, surreal, illusion, drama, emotion, humor, and sarcasm to name a few. The desired result of these paradigms is to develop a unique blend of art with a feel of looseness yet contained, chaotic yet orderly, and visceral yet calculated. However perceived, producing artwork is an opportunity to create experiences and expressions that stimulate the imagination, and evoke thought and interpretation. 


Rooted in the southwest, I have a great appreciation for some of the most spectacular natural environments from the California coast, to the Arizona desert, to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I strive to incorporate into my artwork a fascination with the beauty of the sky, clouds, and weather, the wonder of trees, plants and landscapes, and the diversity of people, places, and things.